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Case study: Metlife

scope of cooperation:

Effective communication is a challenge for large international companies. Insurance giant MetLife benefited greatly from our original developments in a number of key areas that streamlined their internal and external communication, including a brand new global corporate intranet, a suite of internal modelling tools and calculators, and an efficient customer service system.

Alico Metlife Global intranet

We created a global intranet system for several countries around the world.

Key tools created for this solution:

  • presentation/sharing of images congruent with the brand image. Our scope of work included selecting and adjusting graphic images, preparing various formats ready for publication
  • „Design Wizard” – an application for creating templates of marketing materials,
  • "Best Practice" platform – a place for exchanging information about the most interesting marketing campaigns Metlife runs around the world,
  • "Useful Resources" platform – a tool for employees to keep/share files.

Alico Metlife interactive tools

Tools offering support to clients while modeling based on specific requirements


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