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Our solutions

What we do for our Clients

We offer a range of web, digital, software development and IT services based on a combination of our unique expertise, proprietary software products, platforms, frameworks and tools available in the industry - to maximise the business value, and quality of our solutions, while saving your time and cost spent on their development.

We are large enough to cover the entire cycle and scope of requirements of a digital project of any complexity, experienced and thoughtful enough to guide you through the process, and small enough to care and treat every project with the utmost care (like our own baby).

We specialise in the following classes of IT and digital solutions

Customer portals and intranets

Effective communication with your customers, as well as between your internal teams, is critical to the success of your business. This has always been the case, however in the modern era of mobile and web technology, this is more important than ever before. Your customers are used to the freedom, ease and efficiency of the new means of communication and look suspiciously at businesses that do not communicate efficiently. You competitors are investing in state-of-the-art web solutions, and it requires continued investment to keep up or beat them in this all-important game.

This is why many Clients turn to us to design and develop their web and mobile presence, as well as internal communication tools, in a way that will set them apart and ensure their continued success for the years to come. We are a trusted and extraordinarily experienced partner in such an undertaking, and we design web and other software solutions that are classy, stylish and unique, while also rock solid and based on the best industry tools and standards. This is partially thanks to our unique process, and partially due to expert use of the world’s most renowned professional frameworks such as Sitecore, Kentico, OpenText and WordPress that are amongst our core specialties (more details in our Technology section)


Shopping habits of modern customers show with full clarity that their hearts and minds are increasingly set on e-commerce as the preferred mode of purchasing goods and services. The same trend applies to both the private consumer and business sector. While many customers still like the brick-and-mortar branches, they often treat them merely as show rooms that give them a chance to touch and see the products before committing to any purchase decision, or as an opportunity to talk to a human advisor face-to-face. After their need for physical contact is fulfilled they prefer the safety and cosines of their rooms, with unlimited access to information afforded by the Internet, to make their purchasing decisions from the comfort of their sofas.

We’ve been building E-commerce systems for over a decade, and have gathered an outstanding experience in, and track record of, successful implementations of unique and innovative solutions that subsequently led to massive growth of sales conducted through digital channels. Regardless of the nature of the product or service that you are offering, by working with us you are maximising your chance of making the most out of the opportunity that the Internet sales channel affords you. We’ve got some of the most experienced designers of award-winning e-commerce experiences and base our systems on either in-house custom-built solutions, or on renowned platforms such as Kentico, Hybris and Magento.

Marketing automation

One of the biggest opportunities enabled by an adoption of a well-designed digital strategy, with the IT systems that implement it, lies in scaling up your marketing activities without incurring a dramatic cost increase and – better still – making it drastically more efficient. How is this possible? Digital Marketing Systems, such as Sitecore which is the basis of our solutions, automate the process and help you reach out to more prospects in less time and with little or none additional effort.

Even more significantly, they automatically tailor marketing communication to each individual prospect based on his or her profile in order to make it timely, relevant and interesting. Detailed tracking and analysis of any marketing campaign, combined with relentless optimisation based on a set of objectively-measured performance criteria, allows further fine-tuning and continuous improvement of the efficiency of your marketing efforts over time.

In the process you are learning heaps of information about your prospects, which you would have never got to know otherwise, that let you become closer to your clients and better respond to their needs.

Custom IT solutions

But there are only so many classes and examples of IT solutions that we can describe here, while we know very well that your business is unique and has needs and requirements that are based on your proprietary processes and only applicable to your specific situation.

This is why we specialise in listening rather than talking via an in-depth analysis of business processes, and design of optimal solutions (in terms of their business purpose efficacy, time and cost) that will maximise the potential of your business and fully deliver on your needs.

We designed and successfully delivered over 100 projects over the last 15 years, and we are certain that we can deliver also for you. Instead of boring you here talking about all those systems why not meet up to focus on your specific needs, and find out if we may be the right partner for you?

Business process automation and optimisation

A significant part of custom digital solutions that we develop is centred around, or involves, automation, management and optimisation of core business processes. When engaged in these types of undertakings we have got an ace in our sleeve. And we are happy to share it with you, to reduce the cost, risk and time-to-market of your optimal IT solution.

Over the years we have developed and perfected our unique proprietary ASAP™ (Advanced Services Automation Platform) software solution that significantly increases ROI by offering a rich set of functionalities and improved performance while reducing time and cost of development (see below)

Our unique platform for building
better IT systems in less time

Advanced Service Automation Platform (ASAP™)

Our pride at the heart of many custom digital systems that we are building for our Clients, ASAP is a Business Process Management and Automation (BPMS) solution that drastically reduces the time, risk and cost of software development.

ASAP, based on the Microsoft .Net framework, provides a robust foundation for any new digital system development with its host of pre-built core functionalities, including database management, information processing, document generation (in PDF and other formats), business monitoring and intelligence, communication automation, management of roles and users, APIs, workflow and a complete suite of BPMS functionalities.

ASAP is a mature and well-tested product which was created and perfected over a number of years of intense development work. Custom systems are built as a layer on top of the ASAP platform, saving the need for re-development of the core functionalities, as illustrated in the graph below.

Core processes

  • Database
  • Information processing
  • Document generation
  • Business monitoring
  • APIs and connectivity


  • User and roles management
  • Document processing
  • Email automation
  • Task distribution
  • Alerts and notifications


  • Business process management
  • Business process automation

Client-specyfic system

  • Specific functionalities and modules
  • User interfaces
  • Strategic-level operations

A rich host of other tools and frameworks

We are not fixated on our proprietary software solutions, and believe that there is the best tool for every job. We use a host of other industry-leading software platforms, frameworks and solutions to shorten the development time, reduce your costs, and achieve the best quality and business efficacy. The wide range of our other tools is described in the Technology section.

Our Capabilities

Strategic business analysis

Each business is unique and has specific strengths, opportunities and challenges. You may also have a unique strategic vision that will transform your company that is waiting to become a reality. There is no simple formula or one size that fits all.

Our trusted way of ensuring that your core organisational advantages are amplified, challenges resolved, and visions realised to their full potential, is through an in-depth discovery and analysis of your specific business requirements, conditions and processes, followed with evaluation of the most promising approaches and design of the optimal solution.

While strategic business analysis is the preliminary stage that forms the basis for all our software and IT systems, and probably the single most critical factor in our ability to reliably and repeatedly deliver successful projects, we offer it also as a separate service.

The benefits include an in-depth understanding of the ways in which technology can benefit your business, and a detailed report which documents specific ways forward. By using this service you can tap into our unmatched experience and expertise, without having to commit to any further actions.

Digital strategies

Building on the strategic business analysis we are able to assist you in devising and planning in detail a comprehensive, multifaceted and powerful digital strategy, ranging from the design or refreshment of your corporate identity, branding, digital, web and social media presence, mobile applications, customer engagement, and multi-channel marketing solutions.

What is important to know is that once you have created a winning formula for your digital success, we will be there to help you in bringing all of its positive aspects and uplifting potential into the reality. With highly experienced and multi-talented 80-strong Team we have what it takes to bring to fruition even the most ambitious of undertakings.

But we will never insist or make you feel obliged to continue working with us, should you prefer to consider other options.

System integration

If you have legacy IT systems that are still going strong, or are so deeply embedded in the core of your business that they are indispensable, you may inject new live and maximise the benefits that they are providing to your organisation without the need for costly and disruptive upgrade.

Many of our Clients benefit from asking us to develop state-of-the-art interfaces that link to their outmoded but critical software systems, and expose them to either other business systems (such as Enterprise Resource Planning or Business Intelligence) or to their staff or customers as part of a modern web-based portal or a business process automation solution.

Customer experience optimisation

Nothing in Nature stands still. Social trends, fashions, habits and expectations change over time. This is perhaps most acutely visible in the case of technology, which constantly progresses leading to better, faster and more convenient solutions that benefit your customers. This gradually raises customer expectations and means that no organisation can stand still if it wants to stay ahead of, or even simply keep up with, the changes.
But keeping up with progress does not always mean that expensive all-round re-development of customer-facing systems is necessary. There is a lot of value and beauty in well-designed IT solutions that stand the test of time. Sometimes they just need a bit of thoughtful and careful improvements in selected software modules, and a facelift that brings a breath of fresh air to optimise customer experience.

This is why we specialise in customer journey mapping, user experience (UX) analysis and optimisation of existing web, digital and software systems for the purpose of improved customer engagement, streamlined customer experience and better conversion of sales leads on you website.

Project and product management

Many businesses lack an in-house IT expertise when it comes to selecting technology vendors, purchasing IT solutions, managing developments of new software systems and controlling the quality of the results that are being delivered. This is a significant worry and a cause for both personal stress and a corporate risk when it comes to new IT system purchases.

If that is the case for your organisation we are happy to help with our advice, or even assume a comprehensive responsibility for the internal project management of your external product development process.

Our Business Analysts, Product Owners, and SCRUM Masters are some of the best in the industry, and they have managed successful development of dozens of software projects. They know how to manage requirements, oversee development, communicate with technical people, control quality, and perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) at the various stages of the project, to ensure its complete and uncompromised success.

Audits of IT systems

We are happy to help with audits of third-party IT and software systems at various stages of design and implementation, including evaluation and selection of the optimal system architecture and development approaches, comprehensive testing of quality, performance, functionality and security – to ensure that the system you are obtaining is based on the best industry standards and fully conforms to all the agreed specification and performance criteria.

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