Love from first site ♥ (or nothing at all)

14th February 2017

Category: business-IT


This year, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we launched a mini campaign, focusing on two things:

  1. Love from first site is real
  2. …but it requires commitment to last.

The campaign was based on two simple questions:

  1. If you had just one look, one single chance, would you still fall in love with your website today?
  2. And if it was on your mobile, would the feeling be the same?

It’s an important question that we all should be asking ourselves, because this is how customers judge our websites nowadays. They grant a single look, a couple of seconds of their attention, and either stay or go.

For them it is the love from first sight or nothing at all.

And over half of them browse exclusively on their mobiles, so we all must make sure that our websites look great and are easy to use on any device.

Think about this: Whatever methods you are using to drive prospective customers to your website, your investment is lost unless you can retain them, build loyalty and sell.

This is the case whether you are running inbound or outbound marketing campaigns, PR, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, or any other activities that take time, effort and money to attract visitors to your site.

Once they get there your task is simple: to make them fall in love – both emotionally and on the rational level – with your brand, system and offering. You need to engage them, and convert, while they are there, under your spell.

This is what the best UX, graphical and functional design can achieve for your corporate site and digital systems, and it works best when based on a comprehensive platform for holistic management of customer experience.

But sometimes even simple changes can make a tangible difference to elevate the website from a negative investment (that puts prospects away) into a healthy source of business that it was always intended to be.

First, and foremost, remember what I said above about the mobile version of your site. It should follow responsive design principles at a very minimum, but ideally you would want a version crafted specifically for mobile users.

They will appreciate your effort, and such a small change will likely bring you good ROI.

There are many other things that you could consider (that I am happy to share if you get back to me), but let’s keep this post simple and to the point: It is well worth making an effort to entice customers to love your website.

Good luck with it!


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