Are you afraid of change? (Don’t be!) Learn how successful companies pro-actively manage change to create the future they desire

1st November 2016

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It is happening all around us, all the time. Never stops for a convenience break and never sleeps.


The word and prospect that make many people cringe.

Some of us embrace it. Many more of us hate it.

But we cannot escape it.

Change in business is inevitable. Just think about it for a minute.

The Universe keeps evolving. New stars and galaxies are born and die in a magnificent cosmic dance. Planet Earth keeps floating through unfathomable scales of space at an unimaginable speed.

And here, in our tiny spot on our wonderful planet, people are born, grow and change every minute. In their heads new ideas emerge, new inventions are made, new products and business models are being built and road tested.

Businesses and markets change with people who create them.

So avoiding change is not an option. As a business you need to adapt to change as a matter of your survival. If you can’t avoid it it is better to be prepared for it, fully embrace it and use the opportunities that it is creating. You do not have to sit and wait for what tomorrow brings. Waiting is a risky strategy, because it leaves you out of control and influence over the direction of the – nevertheless inevitable – change.

Our most successful Clients are using their vision, passion and determination to drive and bring about changes that work to their advantage. They are using innovation to create strong and sustainable competitive advantages, gain more traction in their existing and new markets, scale up their operations with minimal increase of cost and effort, win the status of undisputed leaders in their industry, and become significantly more profitable.

Sometimes they start with a mere idea, or an yet unshaped vision. At this point they may not be sure what to do next, but they know that the potential of their idea does deserve a further consideration in the form of a discussion with an experienced partner.

This is when they typically engage us to help them grow and sharpen this precious seed into an extremely efficient tool for shaping their future reality. We work with them throughout all the stages of their innovative projects, sharing our expertise, imagination and creativity and helping them design, and then build, optimal solutions that enable them to ride the wave of change.

Luckily, you can do the same. Easier than ever before.

Because we are also changing.

After 15 years of going from strength to strength, building innovative and original computer technology solutions that had made over 50 of our Clients in the United Kingdom and in other European markets more successful, we decided to move our head office to Cardiff, Wales, UK, next door to where you are.

We did it to be closer to our key Clients, the list of which in the UK includes MetLife, Vue Cinemas and Allianz, and to offer other ambitious businesses – possibly also including your organisation – all the help they (you) need to keep up with, and succeed in, the ever-changing world.

We are here as Infinity Group Technology Solutions Limited, or simply

As all of our Clients since we started in 2001, you can depend on us when you want to turn your great vision into a better reality, enhance communication with your customers, optimise and automate your business processes, improve marketing and sales through digital channels and reduce inefficiencies.

Or adapt to change in any other way.

As the new Managing Director of let me welcome you to this new site, and invite you to a fruitful cooperation. I encourage you to go ahead and embrace change, as we, and as our most successful Clients did.

With best wishes of continued success – both in business and personal


Rafal Goralski

P.S. You don’t have to start big – all it takes is an initial email or a phone call (or use the red button below to let us know how to contact you) to start discussing your needs, dreams, challenges, and desires. It doesn’t cost you anything and does not oblige you in any way. You can only gain some insight and clarity, and have nothing to lose.

Or – if you are not ready to take an action (even this small) yet – simply relax knowing that when change comes knocking we will have your back. Just get in touch when you need us!

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