What makes a Team truly Great? (and Merry Christmas!)

21st December 2016

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We wish all our past and future Clients, as well as Everyone else, a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017!

For this special occasion our Team members undertook a very special, difficult and unusual task.

See below how they succeed against the odds to deliver on their very special mission, so different from their everyday software development projects:

Which leads to the all-important question. What makes a Team truly Great?

What makes Team members able to complete any task, even when it pushes them hard, stretches their abilities, and requires them to learn quickly?

What is this very special ingredient – both in software development and beyond?

The Team in this video clearly has it, but it is hard to qualify, quantify and define.

What makes a Team worthy of this name?

Our take is this:

  • Willingness to try new things, test new methods and different approaches
  • Ability to question their set ways and learn quickly
  • Feeling safe in their group (and environment) to try, fail, and re-try – until they can master any new skill
  • Being open about results, with no personal or group politics
  • Shared understanding that  the good of the Team, Company and Client is more important than individual gain and egos
  • Willingness to freely share knowledge and help each other
  • Creativity and mutual appreciation of their individual viewpoints, skills and strengths
  • Confidence based on experience and joint expertise, that there is no task too difficult for them if they set their hearts and minds on it

This are the qualities we are working hard to develop in our Teams at

Once again, Merry Christmas – and a Very Successful New Year!


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