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Case study: InspectMyShip

scope of cooperation:

Post-launch results

  • Dramatic increase in lead conversion and new customer acquisition
  • Reduced internal workload and operational costs
  • Improved customer engagement, retention and repeated business
  • Significant boost to the company's profile as a leading innovator in the marine industry

The scope of our work included:

  • In-depth analysis of the Client’s business processes
  • Original concept of the end-to-end business process automation
  • Comprehensive design of the proposed solution
  • Automation of internal and outgoing business communication
  • Integration with external databases, systems and APIs
  • Automatic generation of ship survey report documents
  • Monitoring, analysis and reporting of business performance indicators
  • E-commerce and data acquisition platform with workflow

„The team played a vital role in helping us to shape the vision behind which has since resulted in an unrivalled tool for new business development and improved customer experience for our Clients. Then they designed, built and delivered on that vision, bringing the concept to life and exceeding our expectations at every step along the way” Nick Owens, Director of Consultancy / Idwal Marine


Advanced e-commerce, customer portal, and business back-office system based on our unique ASAP™ (Advanced Service Automation Platform) suite and .Net framework.


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