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Our solutions

What we do for our Clients

We offer a range of web, digital, software development and IT services based on a combination of our unique expertise, proprietary software products, platforms, frameworks and tools available in the industry - to maximise the business value, and quality of our solutions, while saving your time and cost spent on their development.

We are large enough to cover the entire cycle and scope of requirements of a digital project of any complexity, experienced and thoughtful enough to guide you through the process, and small enough to care and treat every project with the utmost care (like our own baby).

We specialise in the following classes of IT and digital solutions

Enterprise portals and web solutions

In today's market, a companies digital presence is vital to ROI realization on capital spend On digital endeavours. Intelligent web and mobile solutions are critical to the engagement and growth of a companies customer base. Understanding and leveraging vast amount of data trends is instrumental. At IGTS, our Team of developers and analysts specialise in the creation of leading edge portal and web solutions enabling our clients to attain their digital goals.

Marketing automation

Data is King and in today's market of ocean-level vast data sources Understanding as well as leveraging that data is a key tool in the adoption of marketing automation. To simply implement a Marketing Automation tool is not enough these days, companies need to look closer at the data anf fully understand it in order to inform the marketing tool of choice, therefore increasing its effectiveness. At IGTS, our Team of developers and analysts specialise in the full lifecycle of adoption of leading-edge Marketing Automation tools, enabling our clients to attain their digital Marketing goals.

Our unique platform for building
better IT systems in less time

Core ig platform

Our pride at the heart of many custom digital systems that we are building for our Clients, ASAP is a Business Process Management and Automation (BPMS) solution that drastically reduces the time, risk and cost of software development.

ASAP, based on the Microsoft .Net framework, provides a robust foundation for any new digital system development with its host of pre-built core functionalities, including database management, information processing, document generation (in PDF and other formats), business monitoring and intelligence, communication automation, management of roles and users, APIs, workflow and a complete suite of BPMS functionalities.

ASAP is a mature and well-tested product which was created and perfected over a number of years of intense development work. Custom systems are built as a layer on top of the ASAP platform, saving the need for re-development of the core functionalities, as illustrated in the graph below.

Core processes

  • Database
  • Information processing
  • Document generation
  • Business monitoring
  • APIs and connectivity


  • User and roles management
  • Document processing
  • Email automation
  • Task distribution
  • Alerts and notifications


  • Business process management
  • Business process automation

Client-specyfic system

  • Specific functionalities and modules
  • User interfaces
  • Strategic-level operations

A rich host of other tools and frameworks

We are not fixated on our proprietary software solutions, and believe that there is the best tool for every job. We use a host of other industry-leading software platforms, frameworks and solutions to shorten the development time, reduce your costs, and achieve the best quality and business efficacy. The wide range of our other tools is described in the Technology section.

Our talent

Deep Client Engagement

At IGTS, we pride ourselves on a traditional principle of working very close with all clients from the ideation stages of an initiative all the way through to benefits realisation. Because of our vast experience in several business sectors as well as government, IGTS is well positioned to help a company of any size to thoroughly engage in a digital full life cycle experience. with so many companies being disappointed by huge development costs as well as inefficient business analysis, ITGS fully engages with the end-client to help unravel The somewhat complex analysis of customer data as well as providing professional consultancy in the implementation with market leading automation software.

Customer experience optimization

Digital footprints in todays market are the key sources of trend and behavioural intelligence. With a robust digital strategy and platform in place companies are competitively positioned especially in todays market to be able to harness the necessary intelligence to inform and continuously optimise both the digital framework as well as the customer experience. ITGS fully engages with the end-client to help unravel The somewhat complex Customer experience optimization process as well providing professional consultancy in the implementation with market leading customer experience software.

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